Eldorado experience three is set in the Arctic. The third issue follows the adventure of the sailboat Sterna in a unique voyage to the end of the world. Photography by Anna Huix, drawings by Ángela Palacios, design by Folch. The limited edition is published in the framework of the story Sailing the Arctic, featuring an Experience in three chapters, the documentary ’80 Latitude’ and three spin-off short films by Goroka. Watch the short film White Whale here.

Eldorado is a place where to enjoy great ordinary stories about travel, adventure, sport and it rituals. A place for authenticity where real people set off to explore and reconcile with themselves. By and for regular people doing exceptional trips. www.eldoradoexperience.org

Eldorado Experience Three – Sailing the Arctic
Published by The Flames
Designed by Folch
2015, English
Edition of 400 copies
33.5 × 23.5 × 0.7 cm
ISBN 978-84-939703-5-2