Publication 'Reflections on light' by Marset

Reflections on light is a campaign created for the lightning design company Marset, with aim to highlighting not just the products but the people and the company behind them, the campaign was designed as an extensive cross platform process including a printed publication and a series of short films. The key was to make the designer’s ideas visible, as well as reflecting the thoughts behind each of the products, the creative vision and background from which ideas are born, also the importance of well-made objects.

‘Reflections on light’ works as an inspirational piece where insightful reflections about light, combined with documentary photographs of them in their natural environments. Brought together in a design of beauty and clarity. Photography by Leo García Mendez and illustrations by Pol Montserrat. Concept, art direction and design by Folch. Read more

Marset – ‘Reflections on light’
Published by ACTAR Publishers New York & The Flames by Folch
Coordination Isabel Valle
Designed by Folch
Printed by Ingoprint
2015, English
24,5 × 17,5 × 1,5 cm
ISBN: 978-84-944216-9-3