Odiseo Vol.10 'Utopia and Dystopia'

Pack with the two parts ‘Utopia’ and ‘Dystopia’. Bound to the opposing notions of Dystopia and Utopia – this monumental volume is divided into two parts where the counterpoints are reflected through eight photographic essays and accompanied by topical texts. Odiseo offers a sophisticated take on erotica, redefining the confines of traditional erotic publishing by balancing philosophical texts and essays with images that lie in between art and erotica. Read more.

Odiseo Volume 10 Utopia seeks euphoria through photographic essays by Paul JungKelia AnneSophie TajanAlexander Graeser and Johann Clausen. Accompanied by Daughters of Eden – an essay on feminine botanic bliss by Liberty LawsonA Letter from Home by Elies Van Renterghem and an archive research by Marta Marín Anglada.

Odiseo Volume 10 Dystopia dredge into the ominous visions of the world through the lenses of Ana CubaDario SalamoneKelia Anne and Olya Oleinic. Followed by The New Infinity: The State of Being or Becoming by Eugenia Lapteva, poetry by Kirill Medvedev, eco apocalyptic fiction by Sam Fisher and an archive research by Marta Marín Anglada.

Odiseo Vol 10
Two Volumes ‘Utopia’ and ‘Dystopia’
Published by The Flames
Designed by Folch
2017, English
24.5 × 17 × 1.4 cm