This is the first product from Curated by Folch that is not designed within the studio. Talisca is a project we admire and appreciate. We believe we share the same values as the authors and we are pleased to have the possibility to collaborate with them and sell this publication as our first curated product.

Talisca is the tangible conclusion of a drift, a 40 day journey through diverse islands that form an archipelago. It is a tour exploring their land, their ethnography, their traditions and peculiarities, surrounded day after day by the Atlantic Ocean.

Proyecto Islas Canarias is an independent collective formed by a group of young men, Dani Millán and Octavio Barrerawhose goal is to rediscover the Canarian culture from a more personal point of view. The publication’s objective is to show, to the different generations of the Canary Islands and the rest of the world, the culture, society and origins of this land. 

Published by Colectivo Independiente
Designed by Octavio Barrera
Art Direction by Aythami Castellano
2015, English, Spanish
26 × 18,5 × 1 cm