Ten Cases
Folch’s selected commissions

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Ten Cases contains a selection of highlighted commissions from our repertoire presented through observant text and documenting images. Not mere projects, but stories instead. The newspaper gives an insightful take on our strategy and vision, on the depth of our involvement in every single commission, on the value of directing a team of skilled and talented professionals. The long-form narrative texts weave together all the aspects of a given story: the initial stages of each process and the client’s desires, the explanation of the design choices and the disruptive ideas, the strong visual references and the lucky inspirations, casting light on each part of the process and giving a better perception of where each work comes from.

The cover art is made by Berlin-based artist Ignacio Uriarte who creates imaginative abstractions through repetitive gestures of a ball point pen, hypothesised by the dull rhythms of office life. A creative process framed by the perfect shape of a circle, enclosed in the Ten Cases cover.

Ten Cases Newspaper: Folch’s selected commissions
Published by The Flames
Printed by Indugraf
80 full colour pages
Designed by Folch
2015, English
39 × 29  × 0.6 cm