Eldorado by Alfred Kerbs

50 UNITS ONLY. SPECIAL EDITION Old-school mood? The Travel could be Alfred’s classic piece if it weren’t for its fully covering flat lense.
Handmade in Italy, it features Mazzucchelli acetate and Divel mask lenses.


The unique sunglasses are a collaboration between Eldorado and Alfred Kerbs, a designer with a unique style and distinction and Eldorado is a  creative agency by Folch and Goroka. Eldorado is an editorial platform by and for regular people doing exceptional trips related to nature, travel, adventure and outdoor sports. The iconic eyewear comes in a limited edition of 50 units only.

Eldorado by Alfred Kerbs
Lenses: Blue-grey gradient full-screen by Divel.
Material: Clay color acetate by Mazzucchelli
100% UV/UVB protection
48 – 23 –  135
Handmade in Italy, 2015
50 units. Special limited edition.