Triggers Cards - The Advertising Collection

What’s included:

– Campaign Deck
– Serendipity Deck
– Storytelling Deck
– Graphic Deck

How to use The Advertising Collection:

The four different decks included in the pack are designed to help you cover all the different aspects you’ll need to think when creating campaigns and communication pieces. We recommend you to use them in this order:

First, find your idea using the Campaign Deck or the Serendipity Deck. We recommend you to use the first one for those projects that look for a more rational approach, and the last one for those where you can think out-of-the-box. Second, when you have the main concept, use the Storytelling Deck to find the right narrative to communicate your idea. Third and final step, use the Graphic Deck to design the visuals for your campaign.

The pack includes a total of 240 triggers cards (60 per deck), and can be used individually or within a team.