Triggers Cards - The Hackathon Collection

What’s included:

– Human-Centric Deck
– Innovation Deck
– Brand Strategy Deck
– Business Design Deck

How to use The Hackathon Collection:

The four different decks included in the pack are designed to help you cover all the different aspects you’ll need to think when creating a new start-up or product/service. We recommend you to use them in this order:

First, the Human-Centric Deck to spot needs and find what your idea will be about.
Second, when you have the main concept, use the Innovation Deck to develop the idea further and give it a shape (for example, an app, a website, a physical product, a service…). Third, use the Branding Strategy Deck to give your new company a personality and design its behaviours. Fourth and final step, use the Business Design Deck to map your revenue model.

The pack includes a total of 240 triggers cards (60 per deck), and can be used individually or within a team.